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Video of Human Rights Lawyer Assaulting Colleague Goes Viral


Video of Human Rights Lawyer Assaulting Colleague Goes Viral

News of a human rights lawyer physically assaulting his former colleague has caught the attention of Singaporeans all over the country. According to Coconuts, the lawyer in question, M. Ravi, was recently charged in court last Saturday (12th August) for being a public nuisance at the Sri Mariamman Temple.
Facebook live footage showed him using abusive language on people in the temple and even pushed his former colleague to the floor after a confrontation.
The incidents reportedly took place on 31st July and 11th August, according to The New Paper.
A now viral video clip has surfaced, showing him assaulting his former associate, lawyer and Singapore People’s Party member Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss, by pushing her to the ground.
The alarming confrontation was believed to have taken place when Ravi tried to intimidate Chong-Aruldoss about a dispute relating to a firm where he used to work at. It seems this wasn’t the first time he committed an offence like this; his contract was reportedly terminated because it was believed that he had repeatedly harassed his colleagues.
Now, the lawyer is being remanded for two weeks for psychiatric observation at the Institute of Mental Health.
Deputy Public Prosecutor Dillon Kok stated that he could pose a danger to others, given that his latest charges involved violence. Ravi was not happy about the decision to place him under psychiatric observation, causing him to accuse the court of lying about his mental state.
For now, he remains in the mental institute until his case is heard again on 25th August. We hope the authorities take appropriate action for this case so the man does not pose a danger to others and himself!

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