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Answers To Cat – Owls Puzzle


Answers To Cat – Owls Puzzle

Now that you’ve made your choice for the hidden cat (or maybe you weren’t able to find it), we have the answer down below for you. It’s on the middle right-hand side of the photo – pretty hard to miss if you focus on that area.


As for the Panda, this is a little more tricky. If you found Pete the Panda right away (or at all), congratulations because the little guy is hidden quite well. Especially considering that all of these furry critters are drawn in a similar style.

They’re all a little pudgy and have buggy eyes, but once you find Pete you’ll be amazed that you didn’t find him sooner. There he is, near the bottom-middle of the photo. How fast did you find the two animals? If you didn’t, don’t feel bad – at least you exercised your brain a little!


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