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FLASH EXCLUSIVE-[EXPOSED] Ex-Senator Domingo Obende Cans Of Worms

Domingo Alaba Obende Cans Of Worms Exposed


FLASH EXCLUSIVE-[EXPOSED] Ex-Senator Domingo Obende Cans Of Worms

Senator Domingo Obende Cans Of Worms; Ex Senator Domingo Alaba Obende John who was elected in Edo North as a member of the 7th senate (2011 – 2015) under the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria Now (All Progressive Congress). The Igarra native who has been a successful business man owns companies spanning from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

The Ex Senator who has been given accolades for his achievement in his private business within and outside Nigeria has been ranked a “FAILED REPRESENTATIVE”. This is so because  they believe he spent a lot getting into the senate house and it appears he went there for his selfish interest and replenish what he spent on the previous elections.

[EXPOSED] Ex-Senator Domingo Obende Cans Of Worms

Senator Domingo Obende Abandoned State of art mansion in Igarra, Edo State.



Failed Boreholes: Before the then senator finally got his way through to the senate after a major FAIL via PDP, he dug about 10 boreholes in strategic places just to entice the Igarra natives. FLASH REPORTERS exclusively gathered that majority of the boreholes did not stand after his tenure and reign as a senator.

Many of those borehole didn’t last a year before their demise, some stopped working and the rest were LOCKED UP, after he was thrown out of Office in 2015.

Here are some pics of the abandoned boreholes below


Street Lights: Street lights are meant for illumination purposes where they are installed, but on this case, they were like touch lights, never worked and some others were like flashlights, as at the time of writing this post Flash Reporters gathered that none was in existence.


Monetary Gifts & Cars: The senator before his victory shared gifts running to tens of millions of Naira to Influential Citizens, Chiefs, Royal Highnesses and even to the Former Governor of Edo State (Adams Oshiomole).

He got the governor 2 Hummer Jeeps to aid his governorship election, Honda Comfortable Round About Vehicles  (CRV) and Toyota SUV’s were given to virtually all the top Kings in Akoko – Edo Local Government Area, Toyota Corolla’s to some influential citizens in the town of Igarra which were later collected by the senator when he was thrown out of office.



HEALTH SECTOR: Primary Health Care in Edo North has been suffering in the hands of those in power, Senator Domingo Alaba Obende John was never an exception, Flash Reporters made a trip to the hometown of the ex senator to expose these CANS OF WORMS. The most interesting part of this whole SAGA is  the mobile clinic unit that was left to rot away in the Ex Senator’s house. This mobile clinic which would have served as an ambulance for the General Hospital in Igarra has been reduced to a photo haven by hooligans.

Here are some photos below: 

Hooligans taking pictures at the mobile clinic left to rot away


During his second term campaign, senator Domingo Alaba Obende as usual came up with his trick of FAKE CAMPAIGN PROMISES, He bought this Modern Mobile Clinic vehicle to buttress His supposed primary health initiative promise.

Rather than presenting this equipment to the General Hospital in Igarra who at the time of this report has no functioning ambulance, senator Domingo Alaba Obende decided to retain it in his uncompleted mansion to rot.

Compare the pictures of the ” mobile clinic left to rot away” and the “Serving Ambulance at the General Hospital”

See Photos


[EXPOSED] Ex-Senator Domingo Obende Cans Of Worms

Mobile Clinic Ambulance Left To Rot At SEN. Domingo Obende’s Residence, Igarra.

[EXPOSED] Ex-Senator Domingo Obende Cans Of Worms

Only Surviving ambulance at the Igarra General Hospital

NO ROAD: As a sitting senator, good road within your senatorial district are suppose to be a bragging right, but to Deacon Domingo Alaba Obende, the reverse was the case, even the road to his UNCOMPLETED state of art mansion (Now the home for kidnapping, robbery and evil doers) was never maintained, pictures to back up the claims are shown below; even the cry of his natives fell on deaf ears, this resulted to his unsuccessful second term bid.

The roads were so much in a bad state that during rainy seasons, the people wished they never had someone representing them in the senate house due to how bad it gets.

Senator Domingo Alaba Obende never maintained the Auchi / Ibillo Express way which are the only routs to his home town. These roads have been in a shabby state and  somewhat DESERVE TO BE REHABILITATED.

The Incumbent Senator  Francis Asekhame Alimikhena representing Edo North in the Red chamber is currently publicizing on social media with deceptive pictures claiming he is working on the road. Flash reporters gathered that this maintenance is being carried out with MANUAL LABOUR by work men, no form of machinery is being used. More Details On this Topic Later. Stay Connected With Flash Reporters On Facebook


Rotten Educational Sector: This is suppose to be the bedrock of LIFE IN THE YOUTHS in Edo North, but the senator never made a move to better the educational sector in his constitutional region, not even his home town, the Igarra natives were hoping he would have influenced the converting of the TECHNICAL COLLEGE (Auchi/Igarra Express Way)  into a polytechnic or a university to enable massive community development. Rather than doing this,  rumor has it that he was interested in building a private university.


Epileptic Electricity: Edo North has been suffering for electricity issues amidst the ever increasing tariff, the constituency was left in shock when the then senator left the seat without influencing STEADY ELECTRICITY within his home town and neighboring towns, Flash Reporter has an image of a TRANSFORMER wasting away, meanwhile the community still ration electricity. SUCH A SHAME!!!.



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